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MedWave Group: Sculpting Confidence with Innovative Technology

At Medwave Group, we’re passionate about hard-working doctors giving the best service to their clients and achieving ROI in the same process. Providing cutting-edge technology to professionals, providing their clients with innovative results.

Helping Health And Wellness Professionals Deliver The Best Possible Weight Loss Solutions Across America

With many years of experience in the healthcare industry, we started to see a pattern with the optimal output of red light devices on the market and thought, what if we could deliver a better service to most red light products on the market?

Introducing MedWave™: Advanced Technology, Proven Results

MedWave™ utilizes a revolutionary approach called Narrow Light Technology™. This clinically-tested technology offers a more focused delivery, with more LED panels than your average red light therapy, each light holds around 5 watts of power, making it two to three times more powerful than other competing panels on the market. With a wavelength of 635 nanometers, our Narrow Light Technology delivers inch loss and body contouring through a safe and comfortable treatment experience.

Trusted by credited doctors and professionals, our Medwave products are a sure way to bring amazing transformations to your clients. Our products are easy to clean, easy to maintain and provide quicker results - all whilst bringing in great revenue for your practice.

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CEO- Chief Executive Officer
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CSO- Chief Science Officer
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Sales Team

More Than Just a Machine: Your Success is Our Priority

At Medwave Group, we understand that successful body sculpting goes beyond technology. That’s why we offer a comprehensive support system to ensure you get the most out of MedWave™. Our commitment includes:

1:1 Coaching:

We won't just give you the device and walk away. We ensure that you have a full understanding of your product before using it on your clients. We are a school community filled with recorded sessions for you to watch, learn and put into practice.

Marketing Support:

We equip you with the tools and resources to effectively market your new Medwave services and attract new, and returning clients.

Ongoing assistance:

Our dedicated team is always available to answer your questions and offer ongoing support throughout your journey with MedWave™.

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We believe in building strong partnerships with our clients. By choosing MedWave Group, you’re not just acquiring an exceptional service for your clients, but a supportive community of healthcare professionals, dedicated to helping you achieve success.